TLTCon 2021

SAVE THE DATE:  MAY 12 & 13, 2021

The TLT is excited to announce our TLTCon keynote speaker for the 2021 conference: Sarah Rose Cavanagh.

Sarah Rose Cavanagh’s research “considers the contribution of emotions and emotion regulation to quality of life.” This theme and the science of emotional intelligence has the potential to inspire our various schools to think and reflect on the impact of COVID-19; how we work together; how we support fellow colleagues and students; and how we communicate. In addition to sharing and exploring new tech tools, TLTCon will expand our offering to include tools of emotional survival in a time where email is an emergency and instruction is disembodied. In addition to sharing new teaching tools and tips, we are offering this conference as an opportunity to help regain balance and find our footing through imagination and a return to physical and mental presence. 

The TLT’s Mike Overholt recently had the chance to speak with Dr. Cavanagh about the science of emotion, its measurability, and the potential a robust understanding of emotional engagement has as a pedagogical tool in the classroom. Click here to give it a listen. We hope this conversation inspires you to attend TLTCon 2021.


The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference is


from the College of Charleston campus
in Charleston, SC

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference is designed to bring together expertise from educational institutions across the region, spotlight teaching excellence, and provide a space for idea sharing and networking.  TLT is excited to provide this opportunity for greater campus discussion and collaboration about pedagogy and instructional technologies.  

The TLTCon will be delivered in an online, conference-style format where participants will be able to choose sessions that are the most attractive and relevant to their own professional development.  Session types will include panel presentations, spotlight sessions, working groups and a special keynote speaker.  During and in-between sessions there will also be spaces where participants can continue the conversation with colleagues and reflect on their own teaching practices.