Classroom Technology

Getting Help… Now!

  • Full Support Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Limited Support Monday – Thursday 5:00 p.m. -10:00 p.m. If you are having a technology problem in the classroom, call the Service Desk at 843.953.3375. It is a good idea to bring your cell phone to class or you can borrow a student’s cell phone. If your need is not immediate, you can always visit and submit your problem or request.

Accessing Technology-Enhanced Classrooms

Academic room assignments are designated by the Registrar’s Office (RO).  The RO can be reached at 843.953.5668. To enter a technology enhanced classroom, you will need either a combination code or access card to open the door. Access codes are available from the Faculty tab via MyCharleston under Faculty Quick Links (click on Faculty> Information> Classroom Access Codes), while access cards can be obtained from departmental chairs.


Not every classroom will be the same and to view what technology there will or will not be in your room visit Office of the Registrar site  and click on Classroom scheduling.  Click on the room name and number to view description and images of the room.


Technology-enhanced classrooms computers have a connection to the campus network and include a standard set of basic computer applications: Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.  Use your Cougars username and password to log in.  Be sure to log out after class is over.

To request an upgrade or have specialized instructional software installed, send a request with a description of room locations and desired software to


A self-service guide to Smart Classroom Technology is posted in each classroom.  Also available is the following video playlists for step-by-step instructions on using the technology in both updated and older classrooms:

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I use the  SMART Board?  For step by step instructions visit:

Who do I contact for dry erase markers, erasers, whiteboard cleaner?  Contact your department admin to purchase.

Is there a way to blank the projection screen so that my students cannot see what I’m doing on the computer monitor?
In a classroom with a projector remote, choose AV Mute.  In a room with a Touch Panel, tap AV Mute.

I want to have a Skype call in my classroom?  Some classrooms have a webcam and Skype for Business already installed on the computer in the teacher station, but  you need to request to have regular Skype installed on the computer in your classroom if you are wanting to Skype with anyone outside of CofC.  See Web-conferencing and Video-conferencing Services at the College section on the following page to request:

An alternative is to use Google Hangouts.  To learn more about Google Hangouts, visit:  Bringing Outside Experts Into Your class With Google Hangouts and Creating and Participating in Google Hangouts.

If there is not a webcam in the classroom, you can also check out a webcam from TLT using the following form:

I want to install software on the computer in the classroom? You do not have permissions to install software onto a classroom computer. To request an upgrade or have specialized instructional software installed, send a request with a description of room locations and desired software to


Technology-Enhanced Instructional Spaces Type and Description

Technology-Enhanced Instructional Spaces
Room Type Description of Room
Smart Classrooms Any classroom with a fixed projector, teacher station, computer,
DVD/VCR, screen, and optional document camera
Laptop Ready Rooms A classroom that is wired for connectivity to a presenter’s laptop
(may include DVD/VCR).
Classroom Computer Labs A Smart Classroom that has a teacher station and multiple
student computers, with 20-30 seats.
Computer Labs A room (without a computerized lectern) that has multiple student
computers, with 10-15 seats (includes mobile computer carts).
Student Labs Rooms with multiple computers available for student use outside
smart classrooms/labs.
Specialized Rooms Studios/Galleries
Conference rooms, Boardrooms
Training rooms