RPG Test Lab FAQs

  1. Is RPG Test Lab a course like the OE Readiness Course?

    No, it is a faculty-led learning community hosted in OAKS.

  2. I’m very busy this semester. How much time is required to participate?

    RPG Test Lab is online and async​hronous. You may browse the discussions and specially curated resources at your leisure. Ideally, to keep the conversation going, we would love for you to stop by and participate at least once a week.

  3. Will there be any synchronous meetings in person or via Zoom?

    Since the community is faculty-led, synchronous meetings were not scheduled in advance. You are welcome to set up a meeting with your peers at any time. TLT is also happy to arrange a large meet-up if requested.

  4. How do I share teaching resources (e.g., articles, tools, videos, etc.) with the community

    Please attach your resource(s) to a discussion post, and TLT will add them to Optional Curated Resources > Content.

  5. The community is organized by themes. Can we discuss a topic that doesn’t fit into one of the nine themes?

    Absolutely! These themes were selected because they correspond with the programs and services offered by the CETL and TLT, this school year, but you may discuss any topic in Discussions > Other Items You Want to Discuss. TLT will also add new themes by request.

  6. I’m interested in implementing a new teaching strategy or resource from the community. What are my next steps?

    Please contact your instructional technologist to schedule a one-on-one consultation. They can help you with planning and implementation and will even conduct an in-class or online course observation if desired. After you implement your new strategy or resource, please share your results (good or bad) with the community.

  7. Does TLT offer other communities of practice to help me take my teaching to the next level?

    Yes! In addition to RPG Test Lab, TLT is excited to offer two additional communities–Faculty Book Club (available now) and Pedagogy in Practice for transformational teaching (coming soon!).