OAKS and Banner Grades Integration

OAKS Grades Integration Project – Spring 2020

The purpose of this project is to enable faculty to submit grades entered into their OAKS Grades > Grades area (the OAKS Grade book) directly into Banner with the click of a button.  While faculty will still be able to enter grades via My Charleston as always, this new integration will be quicker and will reduce the chance of incorrectly entering a grade.

As with all OAKS integrations, Grades Integration must be tested to ensure that all works properly.  The recording and passing of grades isn’t something we take lightly in IT and the Registrar’s office.  Over the past three months we have been testing the integration on our OAKS and Banner test systems and have been very pleased with the results.  In December, we installed all the necessary connections on our production systems for OAKS and Banner and are ready to turn on and test this integration with real courses and grades.  TLT will be selecting faculty members to act as Beta Testers to test midterm grades submission.  Because grade submission is of the utmost importance, it is critical that only the Beta Testers attempt to submit midterm grades from OAKS.  Everyone else should submit midterm grades as they normally would, via My Charleston.

Once all testing is complete and the integration is deemed stable and accurate, the OAKS grade submission option will be available to all OAKS users for Spring final grades and subsequent midterm and final grades.

Feb 5th – Grades Submission is enabled in OAKS

Feb 12th – Beta Testers are chosen and notified

Mar 1st – Mar 8thBeta Testers ONLY submit Midterm Grades to Banner via OAKS

Mar 16th – May 1st – TLT holds faculty training sessions

Apr 22nd – May 3rdAll Faculty who choose can submit their Final Grades to Banner via OAKS – This was postponed by the Registrar’s office

May 3rdAll Faculty who choose can submit their Midterm and Final Grades to Banner via OAKS beginning with Maymester 2021.

May 3rd – Training sessions begins along with advertising to campus. See https://tlt.cofc.edu/tlt-workshop-sessions/ for the links for training.

Possible Error Messages and their Meaning

Sorry, you cannot export grades because your user account is not recognized by the SIS.

Indicates you are not an official instructor on Banner. 



Received when Banner grading is not open for either Midterm and Final. 

May also be received if you do not select the proper grade (Midterm or Final) from the dropdown menu when submitting grades.  Example: selecting Final Grades from the dropdown when only Midterm Grades is open on Banner.

The final grade 100 is not valid.  Received when you submit a number grade instead of the required capital letter grade (numbers are not allowed.) 
The final grade b is not valid.  Received when you submit a lowercase letter grade instead of the required capital letter grade (lowercase are not allowed.) 

The final grade IP is not valid. 

The final grade B is not valid. 

The final grade B- is not valid. 

Received when you submit a grade type this is not allowed by Banner for that particular user.  This applies to students auditing, taking P/NP, Graduate students, students repeating a class, etc.


Received because the class is non-gradeable, such as a lab. 

Excluded – No grade exists for the user.

Indicates that you do not have a grade in the Final Grade column in OAKS.


You did not check the box in front of the students’ names before clicking Export.

Error student is not gradable on the the SIS 


Received when the student is not officially enrolled in Banner any longer. 

Cannot update final grade, grade is rolled to history 


Received when trying to submit a grade after the Registrar’s Office has officially rolled the grades to history (occurs after grades are due for Spring and Fall and nightly during Summer grading)