Questions, AnswersThe Instructional Technologists of TLT endeavor to meet the unique needs of each faculty member to achieve his/her pedagogical or teaching technological objectives: innovation, life-long learning, pedagogy, collaboration and assessment.  We provide hands-on, personalized consultations (by appointment) for faculty.  These consultations can range from solving a pedagogical need you have in your teaching to OAKS instruction.  Just contact the Instructional Technologist for your school to schedule an appointment or complete a service ticket.  


During these consultations, your Instructional Tech. will take you through the entire process from identifying your problem, to designing a plan to resolve the issue, to delivering or implementing the resolution, through reflecting on that resolution.  We’ll be with you the entire way.Consultation Process - Discovery, Design, Delivery, Debriefing


During COVID TLT prefers to conduct consultations via Zoom.


Learn more about the consultation process.  For an accessible version, download the 4-D Consulting Model PDF


Consulting process