Communities of Practice

TLT offers three ways to engage and interact with your fellow faculty members on a variety of topics related to teaching and life as a faculty member.  

Communities of Practice diagram described in the page below


RPG Test Lab – Faculty Learning Community


Purpose: RPG Test Lab is an online, faculty-led learning community exploring effective teaching practices with the goal to increase Retention, Promotion, and Graduation rates. It’s a safe space to brainstorm, test ideas, ask questions, and share resources! If your goal is to enhance your teaching the the Faculty Learning Community may be for you. Best for newer faculty and has a low commitment level.  This is a learning community, NOT a class.

How it works: It’s easy to join.  The RPG Test Lab is housed in an OAKS course.  You can join by clicking Self Enrollment for SPEC Courses ONLY from your OAKS Homepage and selecting RPG Test Lab.  Once in, you’ll see all the available topics as well as an OTHER category where you can discuss things not in the list.  In addition to the discussions, there is an area for optional currated resources and shared items to be housed.

Commitment: The commitment is all up to you!  Obviously, the more you participate and discuss the more you’ll get from it but you can also just jump in and read what others have posted or just post one idea or question then leave.  It’s all up to you, your schedule, and your desire to learn from your peers.

If you have more questions check out the RPG Test Lab FAQs.

Faculty Book Club


Purpose  The participants will read and discuss the pedagogical techniques that are detailed in the selected book. If you want to learn some new techniques to add to your teaching repertoire, Faculty Book Club is for you! It has a medium commitment level and is good for anyone. 

How it works: Participants will be provided with the selected book and commit to reading and discussing the chapter with the group. The group will vote on meetings days and times, but participants should expect a time commitment of 1-2 hours/week. Participants should also expect to learn fabulous techniques, increase professor and student engagement, and get to know (and help) other faculty members from across all disciplines!

Commitment: The book club will meet every other week or more often as determined by the group.  The participants will decide if the meetings will be held in person on online. Participants should expect to devote 1-2 hours a week reading and discussing the book’s topics.  

Intentional Tech by Derek Bruff_

The Fall 2022 book is Intentional Tech, by Derek Bruff.

Derek Bruff is the director of the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching, where he helps faculty and other instructors develop foundational teaching skills and explore new ideas in teaching and learning.  He was also the Keynote Speaker at the 2022 Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference (TLTCon) at CofC.