Creating Audio-based Learning Activities using Lumi and H5P

What is Lumi and H5P?

H5P is an open source application to create interactive and engaging learning objects quickly and easily.  Up until now it required an on-campus installation but now there’s an application called Lumi Education that allows you to create these interactive objects and even embed them into OAKS for your students to use.

It’s free and easy and you, and your students,
can use it to create interactive learning objects.

How It Works

  1. H5P Editor StartGo to and click on Download.
  2. Select your operating system to download the app for your computer.
    NOTE: if you get sent to a page asking for a donation, just click the back button and do it again.  Next time it shouldn’t ask you.
  3. Save the installer, then install the Lumi app.
  4. Once it’s installed, click on the Lumi app to open it.
  5. Under H5P Editor choose Start.
  6. Choose Create New H5P.
  7. Next to the item you want to create, click Get to load this option into your Lumi app.
  8. Click Install (if first time).
  9. Then click Use.
  10. Always start by viewing the Example and the Tutorial.
    screenshot of tutorial and example


Speak the Words

Speak the Words is a voice recognition content type allowing authors to ask a question that should be answered with the user’s own voice.

While the example below is showing math, this feature is wonderful for language and pronunciation learning and practice.  You can show the word they have to speak, ask them to complete a sentence, ask them to answer a question (must have only one answer), add an image and ask the what it is.

Note, this type can give immediate auto-feedback.

screenshot of an audio question



Allows you to create dictation exercises. Let your students train their listening comprehension and spelling skills.  In this case the student listens to something you have recorded and they must type out what they hear.

Great for listening comprehension of new language learners and young children.

screenshot of dictation question


REMEMBER: each learning object type in Lumi contains a built in tutorial so be sure to use those to learn how to create these.  Most are self-explanatory and easy to learn but having the tutorials is handy.


[button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] View a tutorial on how to add these to OAKS![/button]

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