Microsoft’s OneNote is available as part of our Office 365 and is available to all Faculty, Staff and Students. This newsletter will show you how you can use it to create and organize your syllabus into something that is more easily digestible by students.

Below is an example of a converted syllabus.

You’ll see from the example that OneNote forms an easy to use navigation on the left side which helps the student to find the exact section of the syllabus they need.

You can easily add graphics and images to your syllabus as well.

If you use the OneNote integration in OAKS to create a Class Notebook, you can import an existing syllabus right in and modify it for that semester. This will also give your students automatic access to the syllabus.


This method is not without its downsides.
  • You can only print one section at a time, not the entire syllabus.  This could be difficult when including it in T&P or on a departmental website.
  • You should share it via the Class Notebook link in OAKS, otherwise, the Share link is only good for 30 days.
  • Students have to log in with their CofC credentials to see your class notebook and therefore, your Syllabus.

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