Strengths in 60! Strengths Deck

Tips and Tools for Teaching and Student Success with Clifton Strengths.

This is a new series designed to help instructors and departments on campus incorporate a Clifton Strengths activity in 60 seconds or 60 minutes.  Each strategy provides an opportunity for you and your students or team members to use strengths every day and to create “Moments That Matter” around strengths in the classroom. These strengths teaching and learning strategies are organized as opportunities for engagement, creative applications, assessments, and recognition. Have fun.

Strengths Deck

Ask students or team members to fill out a 3×5 card with their name (as they would like to be called in the class) on one side of the card. Ask students to include their Top 5 Signature Themes (or strengths) on the other side of the card. Ask students to note the strength(s) they think will serve them most during your class.This activity does several things:

  • First, it provides a classroom name and strengths deck for you.
  • Second, it requires students to know and link their strengths to your class.
  • And finally, it provides opportunities for future conversations as students’ understanding of their strengths and class content evolve.

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