Great New Change to the OAKS Dropbox/Assignment tool!

Students can now post a link or text directly into the Assignment/Dropbox submission area!

In the past, if your assignment required students to submit a link to something they created, they would have to put the link in a Word document and upload it.  Now there is a setting to allow them to add the link right on the Assignment Submission page, skipping the extra step of the Word doc!

screenshot highlighting the Submission OptionsNote: this only works on newly created Assignments

  1. In your OAKS class, go to Grades > Assignments/Dropbox
  2. Create a new assignment by clicking on New Folder
  3. On the Properties tab, scroll to the bottom and click on Show Submission Options
  4. Under Submission Requirements, click on Text submission, no file required
  5. Finish setting up your assignment then click Save and Close



Instead of a File Upload button, the students will see a text box they can type into and submit:

Screenshot of the student view showing the text box

Can I have my cake and eat it too?

The question I get most often is, can I have both a File Upload button and a Text submission in one assignment? Unfortunately, you cannot.  You need to choose one submission format or the other.  If you want to know more about this option, feel free to contact your Instructional Technologist!

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