#OneNewThing – Twine

Twine is an interactive, non-linear story creator.  It allows the user to create Choose Your Own Adventure-type stories or branched stories, tutorials, or assignments.
Can be web-based or a downloaded computer app.


Twine logo and screenshot


How It Works


Uses for Faculty & Students

Each portion of the story is written in a small box.  These boxes are then connected by adding the choices in one box which then automatically connects it to the boxes of those choices.

When read, the reader will be presented with a story page ending in choices.  Depending upon which choice is selected, the reader will be presented with a different part of the story.

Non-linear storytelling has many uses:

  • Fiction writing or CYOA story
  • Story planning (can be used linearly as a planner)
  • Question path or flowchart
  • Tutorial creator
  • Text-based games

Get your free account now at twine

Things to be aware of:

  • In the online version, work is saved in the browser only so no account needed BUT the user must always use the same computer.
  • Since your work is saved only in your browser, if you clear its saved data or cache, then you’ll lose your work! This is not good.  Be careful.
  • While there is no true SAVE button you can ARCHIVE your Twines to a flash drive, shared drive, or your computer.
  • You can also publish individual stories to files using the  menu on each story in the story list.
  • Both archive and story files can always be re-imported into Twine on another machine to allow you to continue to edit them.

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