Dear TLT: How do I Combine Text from Two Columns into One (in Excel)?

Dear TLT,

I’m working with a rather complex data set, and I need to combine text from two separate columns into one.  Is that possible?


Professor James Moriarty

Dear Professor Moriarty,

While it is not “elementary,” as some might say, it is definitely possible!  To get started, click on the first (empty) cell in the new column (C2 in the example below).


Click on Formulas > Insert > Text > CONCATENATE.


Click on cell A2 then type [, space“,].  Click on cell B2 and press enter.


Cell C2 should now include text from cells A2 and B2, but not R2D2 🙂


Use the fill handle to copy the formula to the rest of the cells in the new column.


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Best regards,



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