Polling and Poll Everywhere Faculty Roundtable Discussion Recap

At TLT’s latest Faculty Roundtable Discussion, held on Monday, February 24th, faculty discussed their use of polling, in particular Poll Everywhere, into their teaching to increase student engagement and assess understanding.   Poll Everywhere is an online polling and quizzing app that works like an audience response system (clicker) but using the student’s cell phones, computers, and mobile devices.  A university-wide license for Poll Everywhere is available to all CofC faculty, staff and students.  If you are interested in trying Poll Everywhere after watching the Roundtable recap contact your Instructional Technologist.  We’d like to thank Sarah LeBlanc (Communication), Ryan Milner (Communication), Cynthia Hall (Geology), and Brooke Van Horn (Chemistry) for giving their time and expertise to this conversation.


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