Using YouTube Capture to Film and Share Videos

YouTube Capture is definitely a must have iPad app for teachers and students. This app is developed by Google and unlike the basic YouTube app, YouTube Capture allows users to record videos and upload them instantly and right from their iPad or iPhones and Instagram.

Some of the fantastic features that distinguish YouTube Capture  is the fact that it allows users to make use of app’s stabilization, trimming, and automatic color correction features – other apps lack some of these options. Furthermore, you aren’t limited to just a few seconds of recording time. In fact, you can record as long as your typical YouTube video would last, so all you really need to worry about is your Internet speed. Also, you can upload and simultaneously share your videos with nearly all social media services as you go from Facebook, to Twitter, to Google+.  You can also adjust your privacy settings while sharing and select a YouTube soundtrack to add to your video recording.  You may find this technology useful for recording student presentations and assessments.

More than a point-and-shoot
These enhancements are also available on existing videos on your device, and you can always undo enhancements later on YouTube Capture will remind you to rotate your phone to a horizontal position for filming, so your videos look high-quality and free of Vertical Video Syndrome.

YouTube Capture is available on the iTunes App Store.  There is also an Android app in development for the future..  To learn more, go to

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