Google+ Hangouts On Air

A Google+ hangout feature that is now available in the CofC Google Apps for Education Suite is Hangouts On Air.  This feature allows you to live broadcast, and record your hangout with just a few clicks.

Over the past couple years we have seen the demand for web conferencing in the classroom grow.  Instructors are inviting colleagues from other institutions as wells as professionals in the industry to speak to their class from remote locations.  Google+ Hangouts On Air will allow users to live broadcast and record these web conferencing session(s) to reach a broader audience.  The live broadcast will be delivered through Google+ while the recorded video will be archived on your YouTube channel.  Note that you do have the ability to delete the recording if you only want to live broadcast, but this must be done manually after the event, through your YouTube channel.

The Google+ Hangouts On Air feature does require you to sync/verify with your YouTube account, which uses the same Google Apps account.  Once synced with YouTube it’s just a matter of setting up your Google+ Hangout and clicking the broadcast button.  If you decide to broadcast your web conference it is always a best practice to get consent from everyone who will be recorded.

If you would like to learn more, and see who’s “On Air”, visit for more information.


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