TLT recently purchased three IPEVO Point 2 View USB cameras and added them to our checkout equipment inventory. While this device has a relatively simple design, and frankly feels cheap, I’m pretty impressed with the its functionality and image quality. The first thing that draws my interest is the sleek and lightweight design which makes it very portable. Is also very versatile in that you can detach the camera from the stand and basically point at anything. This can be very useful when viewing 3 dimensional objects. You can move the camera around the object instead of moving the object itself.

It only takes a couple of minutes at most to setup. It requires a computer with USB connection to operate, and you’ll have to install software(P2V) upon first use, but after that it is simply plug and play. It works with proprietary software(P2V) but can also be used with some 3rd party applications, though they aren’t officially supported by the manufacturer.

The camera has an autofocus feature which seems to work really well. When used with the included software, the camera has the ability to take snapshots of images and save them to your computer for viewing at a later time. It also has the ability to adjust it’s own exposure(could be improved in my opinion), while manual adjustment options are also available. The camera, when used in conjunction with the software, also boasts zoom capabilities, a countdown timer for snapshots, resolution, and mirror adjustment options.

We’ve also purchased the magnifying lens attachment for this device which seems to work nicely as well. See examples below.

2012-12-12_0014-edit RAM(memory) zoomed in RAM(memory) magnified
RAM(memory) magnified times 3
Can’t see numbers with naked eye. Still Can’t see numbers zoomed x3. Can see numbers with magnifier. Magnifier zoomed x3.

Overall I think this is a nice portable document camera and I can definitely see myself using it in future training sessions. If interested, stop by or contact your instructional technologist if you’d like to experiment with one.