If you are a Tungle.me user, then after December 3rd you will need to find an alternative as that service will no longer be available.  One alternative that I have found is GO BOOK .

Some of the features that GO Books offers are:

  • Free  (can upgrade to a paid version that allows for more of a business/sales and marketing online booking service).
  • You can sync your GO-BOOK Calendar with your personal calendar (Outlook, Google and Mac iCal)
  • Set “open hours” as well as block times you are unavailable
  • Can create services, classes, or a combination of both.

A service can be booked at any time during the business hours you specify. As your calendar fills up, only available appointment times will display for your customers when they book online, as only one service can be booked at any given time.

Classes are offered at specific times that you schedule and can accommodate any number of customers, up to the capacity that you set. Classes can be scheduled to occur just one time or can repeat daily or weekly.


As with any cloud based service, be sure to review the company’s security policy.