All Spring 2013 courses should now be available in OAKS.  The addition of these courses may have caused the My Courses widget to display in a different way.  Once a user has more than 50 OAKS courses listed in the My Courses area the widget display will change from organizing by term to organizing by the 25 most used (see image below).  Again this will only happen if you have access to more than 50 courses.  If you do not see your Spring courses in the My Courses widget, you will need to do a quick search for the name of the course.

  • Type in the CRN (course number) or name of your course in the Search For bar
  • Click Search
  • Click the Course link to access it

If you follow the steps above, then the next time you visit your My Courses widget, your course will now appear since it will be listed in the ‘Last 25 Accessed Courses’. You may need to do this for all of your Spring courses.

If you encounter any issues, please contact Helpdesk. Happy course creation!

OAKS My Courses Widget