Pilot Program – Notification of Problems in Classrooms

Hello Faculty! I wanted to pass an important memo along so that you’re aware of the Spring Pilot Program for notifications of problems (both IT and Physical Plant) in the classrooms. The below memo is published on behalf of Dr. Lynn Cherry.

Anyone who has walked into a classroom to begin teaching and discovered that there are problems with the computer station or projector, problems with an electrical outlet, etc. knows how frustrating it can be and how these unexpected – and often unknown – problems can require “on the fly” adjustments to the day’s lesson plans.  What can be equally frustrating is not knowing whether the problem has been reported or whether the problem has been fixed prior to the next class, particularly in classroom buildings which are shared by multiple departments across disciplines and don’t have an office manager or “go to” person in the building who can alert faculty to classroom problems or issues.

In an attempt to address this, representatives from Physical Plant, the Registrar’s Office and IT have worked to develop a system to notify faculty who teach in a particular room if/when there is a report of a problem in the room.  This system of notification will be piloted in the spring 2012 semester and will be assessed at the end of the semester to see how well it worked and what feedback was received from faculty.  The process is designed to work as follows:  when a problem in a classroom is reported to IT or Physical Plant, those offices will then send an email to all the faculty who teach in that room notifying them of the problem so faculty will be aware and can (hopefully) make any adjustments that might be needed prior to the beginning of class.  If the problem will require some time before it can be fixed/resolved (i.e. replacement equipment must be ordered and installed), faculty will be given this information and an estimate of when IT or Physical Plant anticipates having the problem fixed.  If there are any delays in fixing the problem, an updated email will be sent to let faculty know that, as well.

When I (Lynn Cherry) met with representatives from Physical Plant, IT and the Registrar’s Office they were excited about developing a way to better communicate with faculty when problems arise in the classrooms.  The Registrar’s Office will work with IT to develop a way that you will only receive notices if there is a problem in one of your classrooms; notices will not be sent campus-wide, only to the faculty teaching in the particular room.  Notices will also be sent to the academic department so chairs and administrative assistants are aware and can, if needed, notify any faculty who may not check or have easy access to their College of Charleston email.

In order for this program to work, I (Lynn Cherry) ask two things of you.  First, please report any classroom problems to your administrative assistant or directly to Physical Plant or IT when you discover a problem.  No problem can be fixed unless it has been reported.  Second, please let me (Lynn Cherry) know of any issues or concerns you have about this process.  All praise and compliments should be directed to Physical Plant, the RO and IT; any complaints or objections should be directed to me (Lynn Cherry).  At the end of the spring semester we will assess the process to see whether it is meeting your needs, and what, if any, changes need to be made to improve the process.