As you are getting your tenure packets ready you may want to include some of the great class discussions that have occurred in your OAKS classes.  Printing these discussions for use outside of OAKS however is not obvious because it appears that you can only print discussions from the GRID view.  Below are instructions that will hopefully help you out.

  1. In OAKS click on the Discussion link from the course navigation.
  2. Click on the Discussion Topic you wish to print, this will open the topic.
  3. Click on the Topic Title.
  4. Now change your view to Grid view from Reading view:
      • Click on the Settings icon/link (see image)
      • Next to Message List Style click on Grid Style
      • Click Save
  5. Now set the number per page to 50 to make sure you get the max. messages per page (see image)
  6. Click the check box next to the upper sub-navigation to select all messages on the page (see image)
  7. Now click the printer icon (see image)

Screenshot of the discussion area highlighting the items in the description