Preparing your OAKS class for the Fall?  Be sure to check  if you have any broken links.  A broken link error occurs when a browser attempts to access a URL that does not exist.  Broken Link Viewer to the rescue!

To access this tool:

  1. Log in into OAKS and access your course.
  2.  Click on Broken Links in the Updates widget on your course homepage.  You will be shown the count, date of last occurrence, and the URL that was not found.
  3. Select the expand icon to see more details about the error.
  4. Select the box beside the error and click on Remove Selected to remove it from the broken link list.

The Broken Link Viewer is intended to help you locate broken links so you can fix them.  It does not fix the broken links.

  • If you would like to learn more about OAKS, please checkout the TLT Training calendar to sign up for  sessions on different OAKS tools.