Will you  be using Skype to interview a new candidate or have a guest speaker?  Have you noticed on Skype calls the webcam image is bad!  How can you improve the image?

  • Do not rely on your monitor as the light source.  Turn on the light source in the room and try diffusing it with paper (just tape a piece of copy paper to the light) or point the light source away from you.
  • Try adjusting your monitor brightness and/or contrast down to the point at which you can barley see (just while you are using the webcam).
  • Wear a white  for good color and exposure.
  • Be aware of what is behind you and therefore what the person on the other side will see….clean up your background.

Thanks to http://strobist.blogspot.com/2007/05/how-to-improve-your-cheapo-webcams.html for all this information.