Most mobile devices allow users to take video any time, any place.  The spontaneity of this type of “filming” usually leads to a lot of great footage that can be surrounded by unwanted footage that you need to edit out.  With several editors on the market it’s hard to decide which one will best meet your needs.  I’ve been testing some video editing apps for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and hopefully can help you make a decision.   The three apps I tested are Splice, iMovie and ReelDirector.  Of the three my favorite was Splice, however each app is a bit different so one of the others may better meet your needs.


Splice, from Path 36, comes in two versions: free and paid.  The free version is suppose to have iAds which are removed when you pay but the two that I downloaded don’t have the ads so I’d recommend the free app.  Features like speed control, Ken Burns and Special FX allow this program to rise above the others.


iMovie, from Apple, is great for personal videos where theme and appearance may outweigh control.  The features I like in iMovie are the themes and the audio ducking which automatically turns down the background music to allow the video sound to come through.


ReelDirector, from nevio, allows for great control over titles.  This is the only app that allows you to put a title over video and control where on the film it displays.  This would be great from demonstration videos where you need to point out or label something on the video or image.  Other than the title feature I felt that ReelDirector really missed the mark.  It was difficult to use and to preview and the audio tracks were hard to work with.  Overall I was disappointed in this app.

Comparison Chart

I have created a chart that compares the three apps in hopes that it will make it easier to make a decision.

A pdf is also available for download:  iMovie Splice ReelDirector