Yes, it is true! OAKS is now available to the entire campus! It’s not too late to activate a class! You can activate an OAKS class by completing the Course Request Form located inside myCharleston on the Faculty tab (center column toward the bottom of the window).

WebCT will be decommissioned in May 2011 so switch to OAKS today! Discussion, Quizzing, Groups, Gradebook (very easy to use!), Classlist and of course, Content are just a few of the tools within OAKS! Our department will be offering training sessions starting next week. You can go to eventbrite — — to check out the schedule and register for a class!

Also, check out the FAQ’s for OAKS. You can find out how to add a fake student to your class, how long will classes in OAKS be available, etc.

We hope to see you soon!