A new study site looks to mimic two of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.  OpenStudy, which opened to the public in September 2010, links learners from around the world who want to create study networks.  Users can ask questions to the general OpenStudy network and they have the ability to join and/or create study groups based on subjects or topics (i.e. Accounting, Chemistry, Physics).  The site looks and feels a lot like Facebook with a feed that gives users the latest updates on questions, topics, groups and people.  Users create profiles and upload pictures just like they would with Facebook or other social media.  OpenStudy also has a Twitter feel to it as users have the ability to follow or track other users as well as topics.

A great feature that is tied into OpenStudy is a tool called StudyPad.  StudyPad is similar to GoogleDocs in that users can collaborate on topics in real time using a basic WYSIWYG editor.  I can see StudyPad being used for topics that involve equations as it has a pretty nice equation editor.  Users can create StudyPads for anything they are working on.  They can be set as private or public and entire study groups can be added to StudyPads.

What started out as a project at Emory University and Georgia Tech has now gone global.  Though OpenStudy is still in a beta phase but it has already acquired tens of thousands of active users.  Take a look at it here.