David Hockney next to an iPhone on an easel with his drawing displayedThis morning NPR did a story on famed artist David Hockney’s new exhibition in Paris. The fact that Hockney has an exhibition is not new news; what is news is that all of the drawings in the show were created in an iPhone or an iPad. Hockney uses an app called Brushes to create all of his drawings, currently on display at The Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation through Jan 30, 2011.  The exhibition features 20 iPhone and 20 iPads hung for viewing.

NPR reports that “When Hockney first got the device about two years ago, he immediately realized it was a new medium for creativity.  ’Incredible little thing, really, because it was like a sketchbook and a paintbox all in one,” the artist says. Better, even: “No cleaning up. No mess.’”  Hockney drawing of lavendar in a green vase with a brilliant blue backgroundBrushes allowed him to “paint” anytime in places he normally wouldn’t paint, such as in bed.  The convenience, combined with the light passing through the colors made this a wonderful medium for Hockney to explore.

If you are interested in exploring the

Hockney drawing on an iPad with his finger

iPad contact your Instructional Technologist.