My last session of the day is a hands-on session about creating mashups using Web 2.0 apps and Google Earth called Earth Mashing: Blending Web 2.0 with Google Earth by Susan Anderson, Arlington ISD (Arlington Texas) with Jim Holland.

Digital Goonies blog is where all the sample files for this presentation are located.

Started with a brief discussion and tour of Google Earth 5.2.  Discussed some tools that aren’t used a lot:

  • ruler tool to measure as the crow flies
  • path tool to measure a path both tools good for teaching estimation
  • Google Sky
  • Google Moon
  • Google Mars

Creating Placemarks:

  1. Click the pushpin icon
  2. Move it to where you wish to mark
  3. Give it a title
  4. Type in some text about the marker
  5. Click OK
  6. To edit right click on the push pin and select “get info”

To create a folder for your placemarks select Folder from the Add menu and name it.  Then click OK.

This is the basis on which everything else will be built.

While html is helpful for advanced editing it is not necessary, however an html cheatsheet is available on the Digital Goonies > Presentations website.

Can embed Glogster within GE.  Also Fotobabble (picture and voice), One True Media, animoto, mixbook, voicethread, sketchcast, photopeach, Vocaroo, slideroll, magtoo, wix, timetoast, slideboom, myplick,

You can save them by clicking on them in the sidebar and right clicking choosing “Save Place As” and it will save as a .kmz file.  Can also save folders.

kmz files are actually zipped files.  If you change the extension to .zip you can actually see what’s inside.