I have no idea how long some of these things have been in Google Docs but I just discovered them today so I thought I’d pass them on to you.  There has actually be a bunch of features added but these are the things I think may be of the most use (at least to me :)

  • Translate document
    You can now translate an entire document into over 40 languages. Learn more
  • Drawings and diagrams
    Create your own drawings and diagrams in Google Docs and use them in your text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. As with the rest of Google Docs, your drawings are auto-saved and you can edit them collaboratively. To get started, open a document and select Insert > Drawing. Learn more
    Drawings and diagrams
  • Find and replace toolbar for text documents
    The “Find and replace” feature in the text document Edit menu has gotten a makeover and an upgrade. Now it’s a slick toolbar that sports case matching, whole word matching as well as regular expression-style matching. Learn more
    Find and replace toolbar for text documents
  • Plus the ever awesome Forms feature but that’s for a later post (mmwa ha ha)