As all you Photostory users may know your final Photostory movies (.wmv) won’t play on a Mac.  What you may not know is that these .wmv (Windows Media) files will also not play on an older version of Windows Media Player either. Photostory creates its movies using a special codec that will only play in Windows Media Player 10 or higher.  This can be a real problem if you are using them in a classroom.  Don’t worry however, all you need to do is convert them into another format that is more easily viewed my multiple platforms.  Try  Media-Convert is a free, multi-platform, online file converter. Media-Convert will convert just about anything to just about anything.  You can convert audio, video, text documents, databases, and images just to name a few.  They have published a full list of the file conversion types on their website.

I have made a short Jing screencast of how to convert a file using Media-Convert.  Check it out at

Now go forth and produce photostories :)