Faculty Technology Center (FTC)

The Faculty Technology Center (FTC), located on the third floor of the J.C. Long Building (9 Liberty St.) room 323, provides educational technology resources for faculty.  Users can access specialized computer equipment and software and obtain assistance from an Instructional Technologist. This  is a valuable resource for faculty who wish to apply innovative technologies to their teaching strategies, assessment practices, and research endeavors.have you visited the FTC? Relax, Collaborate, Create

Walk-in Access is available for faculty who can function independently in the Center, Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00.

Assistance is available by appointment – Please call or e-mail your Instructional Technologist to make an appointment.


Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 5:00 (closed on College holidays)


Equipment & Software

Examples of some activities that can be completed in the FTC are:

  • Convert photographic slides and negatives to a digital format
  • Scan and modify documents to PDFs using our Document Feed Scanner
  • Use specialized software to enter large banks of test questions into OAKS
  • View a list of available software

3D Printer

3d mastadon model3D printers are used to print mock-ups or models from plastic.  Some CofC faculty have expressed an interest in using the printer to create different types of skulls for comparison, models of molecules, and theatre stage models.  These are just a few ideas but you are only limited by your own imagination.  Visit Thingiverse to get ideas of how you can take advantage of a 3D printer to enhance your teaching or research.  If you are interested in learning more, contact your Instructional Technologist.

green screenFilming and Green Screen

The FTC now has a high quality video camera, light kit, iPad teleprompter and a green screen to allow faculty to film themselves for almost any purpose. This equipment is available Tuesday afternoons from 1-4 or by appointment.  Contact your Instructional Technologist for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Collaboration Table

mega deskThe FTC also contains a work table that allows for easy connection of a laptop to power and network and allows it to be projected onto the monitors at the end of the table.  This space is perfect for faculty collaboration as it allows multiple tablets or laptops to be displayed on the two monitors.  This table also contains a webcam and can be used to conduct Skype interviews.  The table comfortably seats four, with four power and jack areas, but can seat up to six.  If you are interested in utilizing this space for personal or small group use you are welcome to drop in (first come first serve basis).  If you’d like to use it for something more formal or if you need assistance getting set up then please contact tlt@cofc.edu.



Training Room (J.C. Long, Room 317)

The FTC houses a training room equipped with a SmartBoard and the ability to record video and audio.  If you wish to use the training room please contact your Instructional Technologist to schedule a time.

 Stop by!

We are located in the JC Long Building on 9 Libery Street. Once inside, take the elevator to the third floor. Follow the left hallway to the end and take a right!

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