The College of Charleston has several campus-wide software licenses available to faculty.

Academic Applications

Akindi – Akindi is a bubble sheet scanning program, similar to Scantron, that allows users to print their own bubble sheets, scan them on any scanner and run detailed reports. 

  • Use it through OAKS – click on the “Access Akindi” link from the top navigation of your Course Home in OAKS.  This will automatically create an Akindi class and populate your classlist.
  • Tutorials are available on the TLT Tutorials blog at Akindi Tutorial

EndNotes Web – EndNote Web is a bibliographic management product on the Web. With an EndNote Web account, users can manage references, cite references in papers and create bibliographies. While not as robust as the full version of EndNotes, EndNotes Web allows you to  perform all the basic bibliographic management functions: create a personal library of references, organize them into groups, insert them into a Word document, and format your Word document according to a variety of styles.

  • To use and install EndNotes Web contact the Library or go to
  • Once in, look for “my endnote web” link at the top. From there, create an account.
  • Once logged in there is a short tutorials and a place to download the Cite While You Write section.  IF YOU USE THIS, you need to go into the preferences for the toolbar and change it from the Application to the EndNote Web.

GIS – A geographic information/mapping system (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.

  • To have GIS installed in a classroom or your office contact the Helpdesk at

Kaltura – Kaltura MediaSpace is a Youtube-like, online media area specifically for CofC faculty, staff and students.  Unlike other media servers on campus Kaltura is available to students so it can be used to upload video projects.  Faculty can use it to upload tutorials, online lectures or any original work.  Kaltura is also integrated into the OAKS HTML editor.

MatLabMatLab is a high-performance language for technical computing. There are functions for data analysis and visualization, numeric computation, engineering and scientific graphics, modeling, simulation, prototyping, programming and application development.

  • To install MatLab on your office computer visit
  • Visit the MATLAB Academy for online tutorials and training.

MediasiteMediasite is the campus solution for lecture capture (Echo360 Replacement). Mediasite’s Desktop Recorder software allows professors to create and share media. For more information about Mediasite, please visit 

MindView – Mindview is an idea or mind mapping application that allows you to create concept maps.  It is a WINDOWS ONLY application.   

PollEverywhere – PollEverywhere is an online-based audience response system, similar to clickers (e.g. iClickers and TurningPoint).  

PeerMark – PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool that allows students to read, review, and evaluate classmates papers. This tool is part of the Turnitin family of applications and works similarly to the Turnitin application.

Turnitin – Turnitin is an OAKS Assignment add-on as well as a stand-alone website that detects plagiarism, investigates authorship, enhances academic skills, and expedites grading.  For more information on the product check out the Turnitin website.

Voicethread – VoiceThread is an online digital storytelling program that allows users to upload pictures or presentations then add a voice or video recording as commentary.  Because it’s online it’s also very easy to share with individuals or your course.  For more information on the product check out the Voicethread website.

  •  Voicethread is available via the Multimedia Resources widget on your OAKS Course pages.  You must access Voicethread via OAKS to take advantage of the site license.

Data and Statistical Applications

Qualtrics – an easy to use yet comprehensive electronic survey tool that allows for the statistical analysis of results. For more information check out

  •  To establish a new Qualtrics account, one must complete the instructions found on the Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning’s Qualtrics page. (
  •  Contact Cara Dombroski with any Qualtrics questions (

Minitab – statistical analysis software (MAC & Windows versions)

JMP – statistical analysis software focused on exploratory data analysis and visualization.

  • To have JMP installed on your office computer contact the Helpdesk at

SAS – statistical analysis software (WINDOWS ONLY)

  • To have SAS installed on your office computer contact the Helpdesk at

SPSS – statistical analysis software

  • To have SPSS installed on your office computer contact the Helpdesk at

Administrative Applications

Adobe Acrobat Pro – software to create, modify, and annotate PDFs.

    • To have Acrobat installed on your office computer contact the Helpdesk at

Adobe Creative Cloud – software to do a multitude of creative things.  It includes Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere (video editing).  

    • This is available for CofC computers only.
    • It will cost the department $165 ANNUALLY and will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it in advance with IT Financial.
    • To purchase:
      • Contact IT Financial – or 953.3989.
      • Create an IDT to IT Finance for $165/year.
      • Helpdesk will install the software.

Antivirus – software to protect your computer from viruses as well as detect and remove existing viruses.

Google Apps for Education – College of Charleston Google Apps accounts for Faculty and Staff are now available. Accounts include popular features like Google Docs, Calendar, Groups, Sites, and Google Talk. Google Apps for faculty and staff does not include Gmail

Microsoft Office for Home Use – $9.95 (faculty/staff only)

    • To load Office on your home machine for a drastically reduced price follow the instructions on the IT website.


    • SecureShare is a Web-based application that allows faculty and staff to securely and temporarily share files across campus and externally. You can access SecureShare off campus as long as you have internet connection.
    • SecureShare is available to staff and faculty at the College of Charleston. You may also share files with members of the general public. In doing so, you must initiate the share.
    • Go to
    • For more information see


    • Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that can be used for video conferencing meetings, audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, and live chat.
    • Zoom is now integrated into OAKS so you can setup videoconferences within your courses to connect with students.


updated: 4/01/20

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