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Small Teaching Tip #9: Self-Care Strategies for Faculty

For most faculty (and students), the end of the semester is an exhausting race to the finish.  Endless cups of coffee, maybe even a Red Bull or two, sustain you through grading marathons and conversations with students that begin with “I really need an A.”  Once you surface for a breath of fresh “I just […]

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Online Collaboration with RealTimeBoard

Does this scenario seem familiar?   You’re in the midst of a team project.  One day you realize that you’ve been playing phone tag with one colleague for a week; another colleague keeps emailing Word documents; while the rest of the team is trying to work in Google Docs.  No one is communicating well and […]

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Organize all your information and access it anywhere anytime with Evernote.  How might you use Evernote? In the classroom: take photos of your whiteboard and share with students. Hear what students have to say about Evernote. For research: capture notes, record audio notes, create to do lists, save and organize internet resources. Attending a conference:  Put all receipts, itinerary, flight […]

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New Year’s Diet

Many start off the New Year with a diet.  This year try an information diet! Trim down the amount of email you read and respond to by following the rules in the Email Charter, an idea first written about by TED Curator Chris Anderson, who asked readers of his blog to help him develop sensible […]

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