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Online with Online Scheduled Meetings

These online courses will require you to be available for scheduled class meeting times when you will be expected to participate in real-time.  This course may also require that examinations be completed in a proctored environment. There may be an additional cost for online proctoring. Some courses may offer other proctoring options (e.g. on campus or at an approved testing center).

Best for

This model may be a good choice if you:

  • Are comfortable teaching synchronously online.
  • Are willing to take the Distance Education (DE) On-Demand course in OAKS or have already taken the DE Readiness Course.
  • Have their course flagged as Schedule Type: Online + Scheduled Online Mtgs in the catalog. 


Registrar Classification:

This model is available to courses that are classified as “Online Exclusively” by the Registrar in Banner.


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To teach online with online scheduled meetings, faculty must have their department chair’s approval and meet the requirements of the DE Contingency Plan. These online courses will require you to hold synchronous online classes at a pre-determined date and time and only during that time in order to avoid schedule conflicts for the students.

This model is ONLY available to courses that are classified as “Online + Scheduled Online Mtg” by the Registrar in Banner.  


There are several skills that you will need to know to be successful in this model.

Distance Education (DE) On-Demand Course

  • Register for the Distance Education (DE) On-Demand course in OAKS
    • On the OAKS Homepage, click on Self-Enrollment in the upper navigation
    • Next to Distance Education (DE) On-Demand click Register or Enroll

Hold synchronous online classes

To add readings, videos, etc. into OAKS for your students

Frequent yet easy communication with students

Proficiency with OAKS
Online group work
Peer Review

Effective and continual communication in a critical piece of a fully online course.  Pay special attention to the communication tips and strategies in the DE On Demand course.

For more ways to communicate, check out our Communication Tips.

For tips for what to include in your syllabus see the Syllabus section of this website.




Faculty who wish to teach fully online next spring (2021), and beyond, should take the standard, seven-week DE Readiness Course. To learn more, and apply for the fall offering (October 7 – November 24), click HERE.


Please don’t forget that you need a Plan B in case you or some of your students are quarantined.  Also don’t forget that the last week of the semester, and the final exam, will be fully online, so plan accordingly.