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Online with In-Person Assessment

In this model, all content is delivered online while testing/assessments are conducted during in-person sessions.

Best for

This model may be a good choice if you prefer to:

  • Need to give all major assessments face-to-face.  (remember, this does not include the final exam/assessment which must be given online.
  • Teach performance-based courses with a required in-person recital, performance, or practical testing component requiring on-campus resources.


Registrar Classification:

This model is available to courses that are classified as “Lecture” by the Registrar in Banner.

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In order to teach an online class you must complete the Distance Education (DE) On-Demand class in OAKS.  You can sign up for this course at any time by logging into OAKS and clicking on Self-Enrollment from the top navigation of your OAKS Homepage.  Once there, click on the name of the course then click Register or EnrollThis will enroll you into the OAKS class and give you the resources you need to get started.

In addition, in order to give in-person assessments you must schedule a room with enough socially-distanced space to hold your students.  You will need to plan the dates for these assessments as soon as possible, then work with your Chair to schedule an appropriately sized room.

In your syllabus, clearly communicate that your students MUST come to campus for assessments to avoid confusion.


There are several skills that you will need to know to be successful in this model.

Distance Education (DE) On-Demand Course

  • Register for the Distance Education (DE) On-Demand course in OAKS
    • On the OAKS Homepage, click on Self-Enrollment in the upper navigation
    • Next to Distance Education (DE) On-Demand click Register or Enroll

To record your online lectures

To add readings, videos, etc. into OAKS for your students

Frequent yet easy communication with students

Proficiency with OAKS

Online group work

Peer Review

Whether your class is fully face-to-face, fully online, or a mix of both, communication between students and faculty is so important.  In a fully online course you need to communicate often and by multiple methods.  Checking in with your students is critical to ensure they are still engaged in the class and keeping up. You’ll learn many communications strategies in the Distance Education On-Demand class.

In your syllabus, clearly communicate that your students MUST come to campus for assessments to avoid confusion.  For more ways to communicate, check out our Communication Tips.

For tips for what to include in your syllabus see the Syllabus section of this website.



  • Be sure to work with your Chair or Director as soon as possible to secure a large enough space to allow your students to take in-person assessments within social distancing guidelines.

  • Be prepared to divide the class if you have a class of more than 50 students because all large room capacities have been capped at 50.

  • Consider how you will use online assessments. The in-person assessment component of this model gives you, the instructor, a lot of leverage with low-stakes, online quizzes created through the OAKS Quizzes tool that prepares students for your high-stakes, in-person assessments. The key is to create weekly or bi-weekly quizzes that pull questions randomly from Question Pools and allow students to test themselves multiple times. Allow them to take the quizzes open-book, if they so desire. Just make sure to inform students, nevertheless, that (1) you are keeping only their highest attempt; (2) they should take the quizzes as often as possible for maximum exposure to content designed to prepare them for the in-person assessments; and (3) they will learn best if they don’t take the quizzes open-book. These quizzes are designed to let them learn from their mistakes. 

  • Be sure to consider your final assessment / exam as it will have to be delivered online.  Consider replacing a final assessment with a final digital project.


Please don’t forget that you need a Plan B in case you or some of your students are quarantined.  Also don’t forget that the last week of the semester, and the final exam, will be fully online, so plan accordingly.