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Creating an Engaging Final Online Week

Key to having a successful final week is determining before the semester begins what your final event is going to be for your course: final exam or final project (or paper). We encourage you to use the Backward Design Process first to determine whether you want students to answer questions/solve problems (final exam) or create a researched product (final project).

    • If you decide the final exam track best suits your objectives, we recommend that you offer online quizzes throughout the semester so that students know what to expect in online testing.
    • If you select the final project track, we recommend designing the assignment guide early so that students can be adequately prepared for creating well-designed digital projects.

To these ends, we have divided our ideas for engaging students during the final week into those that culminate in either a final exam or a final project.


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Final Exam Track

Final week activities before a final exam

    • Conduct class at established times via Zoom
    • Record final lectures using VoiceThread or screen capturing software that are then posted on OAKS
      • students watch by established dates and then discuss via discussion boards or Flipgrid OR
      • students watch before a scheduled Zoom class in which you lead them through large or small group learning activities
    • Create a collaborative study guide with Google Docs (probably best as a small group activity)
    • Use discussion board/Flipgrid to enable students to share information and ask questions as they’re studying
    • Provide a practice test that students can work on together

Ideas for creating a cheating-resilient final exam

    • Create an assessment divided into sections in an order clearly discernible to the student—e.g., by problem type (MC, T/F, etc.), chronology, course sections, etc.
    • Use question pools for each section so that OAKS can generate the test randomly (can be applied to MC, TF, WR questions) and give each student a unique assessment 
    • Create higher order thinking questions 
Final Project Track

Final week activities before a final project

    • Assign an early or rough draft of a project that allows you to give timely advice and students a chance to revise before submitting the final draft of their project
    • For group final projects, assist students in establishing synchronous collaborative meetings or designating a Flipgrid for asynchronous collaboration so that you the instructor can provide feedback on their ongoing work
    • Establish sufficient virtual office hours via Zoom that students can attend en masse or reserve for individual consultation

Ideas for creating a digital final project

    • (Easiest) Present a researched argument by screen capturing or VoiceThread-ing a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation
    • Publish a digital portfolio
    • Build a website using Wix or WordPress
    • Make a multimedia webpage
    • Design an infographic or series of infographics on a reflective or research-based topic
    • Record a video essay (vlog)
    • (Most difficult) Record an audio essay (podcast) or Podcast proposal with sample episode(s)