Record It Studio

The Record It Studio provides faculty with quiet and technology-rich spaces to create high-quality audio and video.

While you can record yourself in your office using Zoom, the Record It Studio gives you a more professional product, better sound quality and greater options.

Book appointments in the Record It studio by completing this form. Availability is listed on this calendar:

Lightboard, Video Camera & Green Screen

The Lightboard is a dynamic new way to create engaging face-to-face videos by drawing on a light-up glass panel. It was constructed by TLT and made possible by a grant from the School of Business. We also have the capability to record green screen videos, presentations, interviews and more!


Podcasting/Audio Studio

We offer a two microphones studio that contains a mixer, capture and edit software, and playback capabilities in a quiet space.  It’s perfect for recording voice overs for your lectures, creating podcasts yourself, or asking your students to contribute to a podcast.


HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality

With the HTC Vive Pro virtual reality system, you can experience room-scale ‘virtual presence’ through a headset and wireless controllers. This video was created with the HTC Vive by students in ARTH 290 (Art Law) using Tilt Brush to create virtual “sketches!”


Please take a moment to review the Record It Studio Policies before using the studio.