New Faculty

There is a lot of information to absorb when you start at a new place,  but here is one place where you can quickly find information you need to get started with your teaching.

faculty learning together

Instructional Technologist

Visit our Meet the Team page to find and contact your Instructional Technologist.  Your technologist can help you get started with OAKS and course planning.


New Faculty Training and Assistance

If you already have OAKS (CofC’s learning management system) access please go to the New Faculty Training and Assistance OAKS class.  This site will help you get started with learning OAKS plus give you a one stop shop to get started as a faculty member and improve your teaching skills. 


If you don’t yet have OAKS access, below is a checklist to help you get going.  For the full, updated, and printable checklist, visit the New Faculty Checklist.

screenshot of the checklist