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Chrome Extensions Part 2 – Tools for Productivity

I am always looking for ways to be more productive and that search has led me to Chrome Extensions.  These are applications that run inside your Chrome browser and enhance the functionality of that browser.  Back in July 2015,  I shared a list of Chrome Extensions that I use and now I would like to […]

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In Search of a Replacement for Microsoft MovieMaker

It was a real disappointment when, in January, 2017, Microsoft discontinued Windows Essentials, which included Windows MovieMaker, a free, Windows video editing application.  It was the perfect Windows entry-level video editing app for student projects.  So I went looking for a replacement and found OpenShot Video Editor. OpenShot is an open-source (a.k.a free) video editing […]

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Small Teaching Tip #13: Building Stronger Learning Communities

In higher education, teaching is often perceived simply as the transmission of knowledge and that can contribute to our focus on content delivery at the expense of other elements of effective teaching.  Educational philosopher John Dewey argued that effective teachers do more than deliver content to their students.  They also value learning by doing rather […]

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Agents of TLT Video

TLT recently debuted a video at the New Faculty Orientation that introduces our heroic alter-egos in an homage to ABC’s Agents of Shield: Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos:

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Ditch the Scantron, Use ZipGrade

Are you tired of walking to Bell or the Library to use the Scantron machine?  Try ZipGrade. Last year at the ISTE Conference I was introduced to ZipGrade but am just getting around to looking at in depth.  ZipGrade “turns your phone or tablet into an optical grading machine similar to a Scantron. It reads […]

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Small Teaching Tip #12: Spice Up Your First Day of Classes

Take a moment and envision the first day of classes. Does it resemble the following? introduce yourself hand out your syllabus tell students which textbook to buy ask them to introduce themselves call it a day Many faculty do just this, letting a golden opportunity pass them by. I get it.  The first day of […]

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Make videos interactive

What is ?   RooClick is a patent-pending concept in click-to-interact technology utilizing web browsers and mobile applications to allow students and teachers to engage in video content in real time. Thus allowing curriculum and information to be accessed with one click. RooClick was founded on the premises of giving viewers what they want when they […]

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Small Teaching Tip #11: The Benefits of Peer Teaching

When we ask students to work in groups or turn to their neighbor to discuss course content, many of us wonder whether this kind of collaboration is worthwhile.  Students aren’t experts, so could they be teaching each other incorrect information?  Or perhaps what they discuss is superficial or watered down?  Not to mention the drama […]

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Small Teaching Tip #10: Creating Connections

One of the most challenging aspects of education is getting our students to use prior knowledge and to connect that with the new information we are trying to teach them.  It seems as if students walk into each class and compartmentalize it in their brain, often, it feels as if they do this for each […]

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New Way To Introduce Course Content In Your Classes

Everyone who has ever tried Kahoot loves it.  We love it because it is fun, exciting, and a great way to review material.  However, have you ever tried to use it to introduce new material?  If you haven’t, you may want to take a look at Blind Kahooting.  A Biology teacher names Steph Castle appears […]

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