Student Remediation Made Easier with LinkedIn Learning

I know that, for many of you, certain proficiencies are critical skills for your students.  However, I’m almost sure that most of your students don’t even have the basics of the Microsoft Office programs before they come to you.  So for example, in a class where you were planning to teach them how to use Excel to accomplish the goals of your class, you are teaching the how to use Excel.

Well I may have a solution for this issue.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, owned by LinkedIn and previously known as, is a training portal that contains mostly business related applications and skills.  

Here are just a few samples of videos, classes, and courses available to you and your students in Linked In Learning:
These are just a few of the thousands of videos available and they can be linked easily into OAKS.  Check them out for yourself and encourage your students to check them out as well.  There are even certifications available!

While these classes, learning paths, and videos are great for you or your students to learn new things or even get certifications, they are perfect for remediation and to allow the students to learn a topic on their own time so you don’t have to teach it.

The best thing is that, not only can you, or any of your students, use this for free, but you can link these courses into your OAKS class for your students to complete!

Let’s look at the page for Excel.


What you’ll see when searching is that they offer over 12,000 resources.  You can narrow your scope by using the filters to the left.

Under Type you have:

  • Courses – official courses, some with assessments and certificates, that are created by LinkedIn partners and are meant to be viewed in sequence.
  • Learning Paths – a group of videos and resources that the user goes through in sequence.  These can be created by anyone.
  • Learning Collection – a group of videos and resources that the user goes through in any order.  These can be created by anyone.
  • Videos – single video that can be part of a course, learning path or stand alone.

You can also filter by user level, software, topics and CEUs.

Once you find what you want, click on More then choose Share via link then add to OAKS.

Unfortunately, the connection with LinkedIn Learning (LIL) and OAKS is not a true integration, therefore LIL cannot inform the instructor when the student has completed a LIL course or learning path.

You can ask the student to take a screenshot of their completion certificate or their learning path showing they have visited the items but, sadly, that is the only option.

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