Use Quick Eval to See All Submissions in All Classes in OAKS

Now that all of our assessments are online, and usually in OAKS, I wanted to share a way to see all the gradeable items in all of your classes at one time, hopefully making grading a bit more convenient.

keyIntroducing, QuickEval in OAKS


Quick Eval gives you a way to see ALL assessable items in ALL classes on one screen.  This includes: 

  • Assignment / Dropbox
  • Quizzes (non-auto-graded)
  • Discussions (with an assessment attached)

You can now go to one screen and see the status on all of your assessments (Activities View) or switch to Submissions View to see all the ungraded submissions.  You can then click on the student’s name to go straight to their submission.


Access the Quick Eval Tool by going into one of your OAKS classes and clicking on Management > Quick Eval.
Even though you are opening it from within a course it will display ALL courses.

Use the Filter to show only specific dates or specific assignments.

Below are a few of the FAQs from D2L’s website, regarding the Quick Eval Tool.

What are the criteria for displaying assignment submissions in Quick Eval?

Submission Type: All assignment submission types are listed in Quick Eval except for assignments with the Automatically on Evaluation completion type.

Evaluation status: Unpublished feedback

What are the criteria for displaying quiz attempts in Quick Eval?

Quiz Setup: Quiz attempts with assessments that are not set up for auto grading and require an evaluator to provide feedback.

(Note: Quizzes that are set up for auto grading are present in the Activities view, even though no attempts appear below them.)

Evaluation status: Ungraded quiz attempts

What are the criteria for displaying discussion posts and replies in Quick Eval?

Discussion topic setup: Discussion topics with Assessments

Evaluation status: Unpublished Feedback

Are group assignments listed in the Quick Eval list?

No, group assignments are not listed in Quick Eval.

Does Quick Eval display feedback saved as a draft?

Quick Eval displays feedback for Assignments, Discussions, and Quiz Attempts that are saved as a draft and not published.

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