Online Teaching Tip: Keeping students on track by changing your OAKS Course Home

Your OAKS Course Home doesn’t have to look the way it does now.  You can change it to add a widget that can help your students stay on track.

Adding the Content Navigator to the OAKS Course Home

screenshot of the Content NavigatorThe Content Navigator is a tool that indicates, to the student, how much content they have viewed and have left to view.  The percentage and blue color next to the Module name indicates the amount of content that has been viewed within that Content module.  Students can then click directly on the module name or the percent to see which area are left to view and can access the content directly from the course home.

How To:

  1. From your homepage, choose Management > Edit Course > Homepages.
  2. Choose the dropdown next to CofC Default Course Homepage choose Copy.
  3. Click on the new copy to open it.
  4. Change the name to make it easier to identify.
  5. Scroll until you get to the Widgets area.
  6. Click on Add Widgets in the area in which you wish to add the Content Navigator.
  7. Click the checkbox next to Content Navigator then click Add.
  8. Mouse over the Content Navigator, and using the 8 dots to the left, click and drag to move it to the proper place on the homepage.
  9. You can also delete any widgets that you do not want by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the widget.  NOTE: please do not delete the Calendar or the VoiceThread widget as they re used by other tools.
  10. Click Save and Close.
  11. Now activate the new Homepage by clicking the dropdown under Active Homepage and selecting your new homepage
  12. Now click Apply.
  13. Click on Course Home to see your new page.

This tool is a great way to keep your students up to date on their progress and to prevent them from missing something.   Because this works with only the Content area you will want to be sure to link discussions, quizzes, and assignments into your Content as well.

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