TLT is excited to share a couple of announcements with you that we hope will serve as resources as you continue to prepare your courses for the fall semester.


As was shared with faculty in June (attached), the Resilient Teaching Task Force defined nine teaching approaches that you should consider for the fall semester. While there are nine definitions, you will find similarities between them. Choosing the one that suits you best will be determined by factors specific to you and your students. We hope this site will help you implement the approach that fits you best and provides resources for you to plan and prepare your courses and communicate with your students.

Please visit the Resilient Teaching site at,

Note: As you will find plastered throughout the site, please have a plan in place in case one or more of your students has to quarantine, and also don’t forget that the last week of the semesters, and final exams, will be fully online.



In addition to the new site, TLT will be offering a plethora of forums and development opportunities, centered around the resilient teaching approaches. These sessions will begin next week, Wednesday, July 29th and run through Friday, August 21st, with a handful of sessions being offered each day. The open forum sessions are meant for you and your colleagues to get together to ask questions and discuss different teaching approaches which we hope will spawn new ideas and inspiration. In addition, many more sessions will be offered to provide you with ideas, strategies, and tips and tricks, as well as supplemental technology tools to help you facilitate your courses. To view the sessions and to register, please visit,