Getting Students Set up in Poll Everywhere

Will you be using Poll Everywhere with your students this semester?  Make sure students set up their profiles correctly.

Here are a few pointers that can help getting things up and running more smoothly:

Text Responses
Participants MUST PROVIDE THEIR PHONE NUMBER that they will be texting responses from listed in their profile to be identified by name as a participant.

Web Responses
Participants MUST LOG IN for Poll Everywhere to be able to identify them.

If you want to be sure students’ names and user info carry over into the reports, students must have their phone number in their profile and/or log in to Poll Everywhere when they participate in your polls. To ensure they do this you may want to change the restrictions to “Restrict to registered participants only”, especially if you are using the poll as a grade item.

In some cases, students will show up as “Unregistered” pollers because either a) they participated via text and have not completed their profile or b) used the URL, but did not log into Poll Everywhere first.

Happy Polling!

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