I just learned that the OAKS Quizzes tool allows you to grade short answer, essay, or long answer questions without knowing which student wrote them.  This blind grading feature is something that has evidently been around for awhile but is so nicely hidden most users wouldn’t even know to look for it and is a great way to help remove grading bias.

  1. To blind grade a quiz begin by clicking on Grade > Quizzes from the upper navigation.
  2. Next to the appropriate quiz click Grade from the dropdown arrow.
  3. Click the Questions tab
  4. Click Blind Marking
  5. Click on the first question to grade
  6. Read the response and type in a grade and feedback
  7. You can navigate between student responses using the arrows at the top
  8. When finished click Save  then repeat the process for any other questions.

Images of the above directions