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There are a plethora of fantastic resources and applications online that many of us use everyday.  As for me, I use Google Drive, Asana, Remember the Milk, OAKS, My Charleston, the TLT blog and the TLT Tutorials blog, Pinterest, and Twitter, just to name a few.  I also like to keep a running list of applications that I’d like to research when I have time.  I’ve tried everything to try to make it easy for me to access these sites quickly but nothing works well.  I like Diigo but the interface is clunky.  I’ve used browser bookmarks but I don’t like those either.  Most of time I can’t find what I want because all the links look just the same.  Recently I’ve found SYMBALOO and I think I’ve found something that will finally allow me to create the one-stop-shop I’ve been looking for.

My Symbaloo page

Symbaloo allows you to create icons for each of your links then group them on a page.  You’ll notice above I have all of the sites I use constantly on the left (including links to specific Google Docs) and TLT’s social media on the right.  I can create a link to anything on the web.

With Symbaloo you can create groups, called Markers, and add a colored background to create a visual barrier for the group (above you can see the markers on the left, one is orange and one is black).  You can also add multiple tabs.  In the image you’ll see I have a tab for WORK links and one for RESEARCH links.  You can have as many tabs as you need.  Lastly, you can even create folders of links.  This is great for those links you don’t access as often but want to still have available to you.  Reorganizing the links is as easy as dragging and dropping them into a new space.


Once you’ve created your Symbaloo page(s) you can easily make this your browser’s homepage.  So as soon as you open a web browser your Symbaloo page automatically comes up, giving you quick and easy access to the links and web-based files you use everyday!



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