Dear TLT: Can I use OAKS to give feedback to students even if they don’t upload into the Dropbox?

Dear TLT:

I had my students turn in paper copies of a short assignment so that I can easily grade them.  Can I still use OAKS to give them the feedback on their assignments?

Dr. Vince Benigni

Communication Department


Dear Vince,

You sure can.  In our latest version of OAKS professors can now leave feedback even if a student doesn’t upload an assignment.

Just create the Dropbox in OAKS then follow the instructions below to submit feedback.
Animated gif of the OAKS Assignment Submission


Text-based instructions:

  1. Start by clicking on the assignment name as you normally would.
  2. Next to the Search For text box make sure that it says Hide Search Options.  If it doesn’t, click Show Search Options.  This should open up a greater search area.
  3. From the drop-down list choose Show Everyone then click the magnifying glass next to the search for text box.  This will now open up a list of all students in your class even though they have not submitted an assignment.
  4. Next to their name you should see Evaluate. Click on Evaluate.
  5. Now you can grade this assignment as you normally would. If you have given the assignment a numeric grade you can type that in.  You can also leave text-based feedback in the Feedback box. And lastly you can choose add a file to upload to add a comment file or the scanned paper with the feedback on it.
  6. When finished click Publish.
  7. The student will now be able to see their feedback on this assignment.

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