3 Things you might not know about OAKS

  1. You can publish existing quizzes or quiz questions directly into OAKS from a document and Publishers test banks.  Respondus is a software that allows you to import multiple-choice, true-false, paragraph, short answer, matching and multiple response questions from a file that can be published in OAKS.  This is software that TLT has installed in our FTC Lab (J.C . Long room 323).  To learn more go to  http://blogs.cofc.edu/tlt/2012/09/10/respondus/

  2. You can have a  practice course in OAKS.  A Development Course  can be used to develop course structures and learn OAKS. This cannot be used as an active course. No CofC enrolled students will be added to this course. To request a development course  log in to OAKS, from the My Home page under the OAKS Request forms select Request to add a Course to OAKS and choose “Development Course”.

  3. You can personalize a news items so that a student see their name when they go to the course home page.  Replacement strings are generally used when one would like to personalize messages without creating several individually targeted items. These strings are used when the instructor would like to personalize messages, instructions, or other information for students.  Replacement strings can be used with email or the HTML editor in tools like News, Discussion, Dropbox and Intelligent  Agent.  To learn more go to http://blogs.cofc.edu/tlttutorials/2012/09/30/oaks-personalizing-oaks-using-replacement-strings/

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