Make even more fabulous is a wonderful and functional application all by itself but with a few add-ons you can make it even more functional. I haven’t tried all of these yet nor am I endorsing them but they seem like interesting tools.  If you try any of them let me know what you think in the comments area of this post.  Remember, Dropbox is a 3rd party, non-CofC service so never put FERPA protected or secure information in your Dropbox, even if it’s encrypted.


BoxCryptor allows you to encrypt the files in your Dropbox folder.  From their site “Add more security to your files in the cloud with Boxcryptor and enjoy 24/7 peace of mind! Boxcryptor is the easy-to-use encryption solution that secures your data in the cloud with the highest security standards.”  The encryption actually happens on your computer or mobile device before you upload it to Dropbox so it travels online in its encrypted form.  Free version allows AES-256 and RSA encryption, secure file sharing and mobile apps.


Securely receive files form anyone via your Dropbox.  It allows people to share a file with you without them having a Dropbox account or  seeing or accessing your other Dropbox files.  DropitToMe will create a folder within your Dropbox account then, using a web link provided by the site, the user can upload a file up to 75 MB in size.  They drop it in without seeing the other files already in the folder.  Totally secure.

screenshot of the recording app Dropvox


Record voice messages and reminders on your iPhone and have it sent straight to your Dropbox folder.  The app costs $1.99 and is available for iPhone/iPad only.


Ever want to put up a quick website but don’t have anyplace to upload it? Well now you can publish it via your Dropbox folder.  It’s a simple site creator and publisher all in one.

Send To Dropbox

This service allows you to email files directly to your Dropbox.  Also a great way to save information from an email to your Dropbox.    According to the website you can have folder organization, message body copying, and more.

email + Dropbox

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