Combining the Wonder Twin Powers of GoodNotes and AirSketch

GoodNotes and AirSketch are iPad apps that allow you to draw and annotate but they both have different strengths and weaknesses.  Dr. Richard Nunan in Philosophy came up with a great idea to combine these two amazing apps.  For his class he wanted to create Venn diagrams that his students would then complete as a group in class as a discussion prompt.  AirSketch doesn’t have the shapes tool that GoodNotes has which makes creating these diagrams easy and neat.  GoodNotes however, does not have the wireless presentation capabilities found in AirSketch that he needs in his classroom.   He came up with a solution to the problem by creating the diagrams in GoodNotes then moving them to AirSketch for the classroom presentation.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create the initial diagrams or documents in GoodNotes.  This will allow you to use the Line Tool and the Shapes Tool.  In can also write out some of the instructions or expectations in the document as well.

  2. Export the GoodNotes notebook as a PDF to Dropbox.

  3. Go into Dropbox and open the newly created PDF.

  4. Choose “Open In” and choose AirSketch.

  5. Present in the classroom wireless via AirSketch.


For a full set of instructions on how to complete these steps see our tutorial at

GoodNotes has a fully functional free version.  The full version is available for $4.99

AirSketch has a majorly hindered free version.  The full version is available for $9.99

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