I saw this gadget at the ISTE 2012 Conference this summer and thought it would be a cool tool for anyone who is interested in recording their lectures.  Swivl is a very small swiveling camera holder that allows you to easily record yourself.  If you use an iOS device and the tracking device then the Swivl will track your moves, ensuring that the camera is always on you.  The tracking device also contains a microphone that ensures great audio with your video recording. It’s two button controller makes it so easy to use that there is very little learning curve.


Use it to:

  • Skype for research or interviews
  • record your lectures for online or blended learning courses
  • record yourself teaching for assessment or reflection
  • record student presentations or public speaking
To see the Swivl in action check out this video recorded by Bryan Luce while teaching his CSCI 199: #Creativity class.


While the Swivl can work with Flip cameras and small still cameras it’s true power comes when partnered with an iPhone or iPod Touch.  Using one of these iOS devices enables you to use the microphone and the remote control on the tracker.    The Swivl does NOT support the iPad.  While it will work with the iPad I think the device is a bit too heavy to work fully with the device.  Likewise it is not meant to work with a full sized video camera, only a flip cam or regular point-and-shoot camera with video capabilities.   You can use an Android device to record but there is no app so it will not utilize the microphone or remote control.

Swivl will sit on a table or will fit onto any standard tripod.

The Swivl comes in two varieties:  the standard and the Swivl-it.  The Swivl comes with the the swiveling device plus the wireless mic and remote for $179.  The Swivl-it excludes the wireless mic and remote and is $129.  Either way it’s a great price to get you into classroom recording.